Scarsdale Diet

The Scarsdale Diet, which can only be made for 14 days, breaks down nutritional values ​​into 43 percent protein, 22 percent fat and 35 percent carbohydrate.

The Scarsdale Diet is a 14-day diet. Dr. The Scarsdale Diet, which Herman Tarnower developed in the early 70s and included in his book “The Complete Scarsdale Medical Diet”, is known by its creator as a diet for overweight patients. This book, which has been among the world’s best-selling diet books since the first day, plays a big role in the spread of the Scarsdale Diet to the whole world.

Let’s start by reminding you that your health comes first and you shouldn’t start any diet without consulting a nutritionist. You don’t need to spend weeks to lose weight on the Scarsdale Diet. By applying for only a 14-day program, Dr. You need to follow the high-calorie diet preservation plan that Herman Tarnower recommends, but with prohibitions.

The purpose of the 43 percent protein, 22 percent fat and 35 percent carbohydrate amounts determined in the Scarsdale Diet is to keep the daily calorie amount not to exceed 1000, although it is aimed at keeping you full… The Scarsdale Diet, which is aimed at losing 9-10 kg in 14 days, allows you to lose 500 g per day.

Low calories and carbohydrates in the Scarsdale Diet will cause fluid loss as well as a thinning of fat tissue. For this reason, the continuous application is not recommended. He says that after completing the diet in 14 days, you can take a break for 14 days and start again. Problems may arise due to the lack of a variety of recommended foods and beverages. Dr. Herman Tarnower states that while doing this diet, at least 2 kilometers of walking a day and preferably regular exercise should be done.

A situation that jeopardizes the ratio of cholesterol and saturated fat due to the high protein content of the Scarsdale Diet. For this reason, cardiovascular patients are definitely not recommended to follow this diet.

Although the ratio of protein is high, it is beneficial to think once more before starting the application and definitely consult a nutrition consultant as it is not rich in calcium since milk and dairy products are not included in this diet.

Scarsdale Diet After Before



1/2 grapefruit (if not seasonal fruits)
• 1 slice of toast (without applying anything)
Coffee or tea (without sugar, cream or milk added)


Lean chicken or turkey meat
• Cold tomatoes (grilled or boiled)
Coffee, tea, or diet soda


• Tomatoes (grilled or boiled)
• Coffee, tea or diet soda
• Carrots and celery as much as you want


Any seafood
• Salad (may contain lots of greens and vegetables)
• 1 slice of toasted bread
1/2 grapefruit (if not seasonal fruits)
Coffee or tea


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