Weight Loss With Carbohydrate Diet

What is a Carbohydrate Diet? How Is This Diet Made? What is a carbohydrate diet? How is this list of regimens made? First of all, all diet lists are prepared individually using different methods. After we are aware of this, let’s examine what is the carbohydrate diet in general, how to make this regimen list.

Weight Loss With Carbohydrate Diet

What is a carbohydrate diet?
This diet list belongs to one type of nutrition group. It is a type of diet that is generally created in a way that carbohydrate is taken at a minimum level (60 grams).

Thanks to this small amount of carbohydrate taken daily, the person is loaded with protein-containing foods. Normally, at least half of the energy intake per day should be taken from foods containing carbohydrates. Proteins are foods high in fat and cholesterol. The aim is to keep insulin release low and try to prevent fat storage. But you have to find a balance in the list for your health.

A Carbohydrate diet is made by taking at most 1100 calories a day, it is possible to lose weight very quickly with the list, but the risk of gaining the weight lost afterward is at a high level. Dieticians do not recommend it for cholesterol and diabetics.

The riskiest period of the carbohydrate diet is to return to the old order after stopping the regimen. If you increase your carbohydrate and calorie intake after quitting, the weight returns quickly.

Among the side effects of this diet is the risk of low blood sugar due to the inadequate amount of carbohydrates. When healthy carbohydrates, which are the main energy source of the body, are not consumed, you can lose weight, but most of these pounds will be lost from water and muscle mass.

Complex carbohydrates (whole wheat, rye bread, bulgur, dried legumes, etc.) with health benefits should be consumed instead of simple and unprofitable foods containing carbohydrates (candies, chocolate, molasses, jam, fruit juice, etc.). In addition, in healthy diets, you can eat fruit during snacks.

Weight Loss With Carbohydrate Diet

What Are the Side Effects of High Protein and Low Carbohydrate Diet List?
Among the harms of low carbohydrate diets in the long term; Although vitamin B deficiency is the most essential vitamin for this hair, it can cause damage such as hair loss, broken nails, digestive system irregularities, fatigue and weakness, menstrual irregularity in women.

While there are risks that adversely affect health, it is not possible to lose weight permanently. There may be a lot of weight loss within 2 weeks, but if you eat irregularly after the diet, you will regain much more weight.

Because of the harmful reasons we have mentioned above, it is a diet practice that is prone to cause health problems.


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